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Limestone Quarry Block Walls

  • ​Prevent erosion

  • Built-in drainage system

  • Increase property value

  • Create more usable land area

  • Engineered solutions available

  • 100% solid quarry cut, Texas limestone

  • Prevent flooding by directing runoff

  • Save on foundation costs

  • Multiple color options


MTL Construction specializes in building quarry block walls, concrete walls, and natural boulder retaining walls. Retaining walls are effective at preventing erosion, creating more usable land, and channeling runoff through built in drainage systems. Stone retaining walls can also add to a properties aesthetic appeal and increase property value. Our customers know that hillside building locations usually have the best views. We are able to transform steep terrain into usable space by excavating and retaining. 

Our retaining wall team can assist with all aspects of construction including site surveys, engineering, cut or fill, haul off, materials selection and freight, backfill, drainage, and finishing materials. We use high quality, 100% solid stone products, sourced from Texas limestone. We also have a wide variety of color options to best suite your project!

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